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Quality Control

Vista Travel offers a post-reservation, pre-ticketing quality assurance program. The program works to ensure compliance to corporate policy and traveler preference by alerting travel counselors to potential problems with travel itineraries prior to ticketing.

Our QC solution provides a timesaving and cost effective alternative to manually checking PNRs for accurate documentation and compliance to corporate policy and traveler preferences by completing a series of quality assurance checks, identifying PNR errors and, in some cases, file finishing the record.

Using a standardized set of routines the following modules that greatly improve itinerary elements:

Reservation Editor reviews the PNR, verifying the content, format and logic of the record.

Seat Search ensures that the traveler has his or her preferred seat assignments. Seat Search will automatically read the profiled seat preference, a seat map for each confirmed flight in the PNR and confirm the best possible seat. If the optimal seat is not available at that time, Seat Search will attempt to improve the seat assignment every 24 hours prior to the departure of each flight.

Low Fare Search conducts a comprehensive fare search and recommends the lowest fare alternative within corporate policy, taking into consideration alternate fares, routes, carriers and airports. Low Fare Search identifies customer specific contracted rates to check and the minimum dollar savings amount that must be found (savings tolerance) before it will queue an advisory message to the Travel Counselor. Low Fare Search also reconfirms hotel and car rental rates to ensure that the lowest rates are confirmed.

Last Seat Availability monitors the availability of flights in order to clear waitlisted segments - when/if space becomes available. Clearance will only work waitlisted segments if availability for the waitlisted airline can be checked through the GDS direct access.

Vista Travel’s QC Key Benefits: 

  • Eliminates redundant manual processes and increases counselor productivity
  • Reduces PNR handling time
  • Reduces operating costs through productivity gains
  • Ensures PNR accuracy for data integrity
  • Flexibility to perform quality control routines

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