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Corporate Online Booking Technology

The development of interactive travel technology has been a catalyst for the dramatic changes occurring in the travel industry. The ability to plan and book business trips in real-time, 24/7, in the office or on the road, provides a long-anticipated solution for many travelers. Implementing an automated travel booking system can help a corporation to streamline the reservation process and achieve significant travel program savings.

Companies can customize their level of policy control, monitor exceptions and establish traveler-specific policies
for the entire booking process, making policy compliance automatic at point of sale.


  • Air, car and hotel availability 24/7
  • Automatic low-fare search helps travelers choose the least expensive travel options. Employees spend less time making travel arrangements.
  • Online tutorials provide step-by-step instructions to guide travelers through the booking process.
  • Trip templates store frequently traveled and priced itineraries for fast retrieval when booking a flight to the same city.
  • Helpful trip planning tools include destination guides, conversation charts, currency calculators and travel tips.


  • Travelers have access to company negotiated rates, Signature hotel rates and corporate rental car programs.
  • Travelers can book multiple hotels and cars per city simultaneously.
  • Immediate purchase confirmation.


  • Provides real-time flight departure/arrival status online.
  • Reference points aid in hotel selection.
  • Access to airline seat maps to secure preferred seating.
  • Driving directions and maps available for most hotels.


Travel policy compliance • Preferred vendor controls • Trip planning tools • Customized site capability

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