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5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Advisor

By the end of this page, you'll be asking why not use a Travel Advisor!

You could take your chances booking your next trip on the web yourself, but why would you? A FROSCH Travel Advisor can elevate any trip. With connections to the industry’s best of the best and the first-hand knowledge of destinations around the globe – why wouldn’t you seek out the expertise of a Travel Advisor?

Interested in room upgrades, shipboard credits, luxury transportation or private, behind-the-scenes experiences? We’ve got you covered. 

Your FROSCH Travel Advisor will secure VIP Benefits on your behalf and take care of the details. From helping you pick the right destination and ensuring you are booked in a hotel room with the best view, to sorting out any remaining travel restrictions and recommending the safest or most authentic places to eat, we will take care of the nitty gritty before your flight even leaves the ground.

You wouldn’t invest your earnings without the advice of a financial planner, so why would you invest in travel memories without the help of a Travel Advisor? 

Vacation purchases are some of the most expensive purchases Americans make in any given year, so it only makes sense to entrust your purchase and most valuable asset, your time, with an experienced Travel Advisor. Let us take the time and stress out of the planning process and ensure you return with the most memorable experience. 


Our Travel Advisors are some of the savviest and well-traveled in the industry. 

Our life’s passion is travel, and we capitalize on every opportunity to expand our first-hand knowledge. We know the best restaurants, which floors to stay on at the poshest hotels, and who the best guides are in any given location around the world. Why wouldn’t you seek the advice of someone who’s been there, done that?


Everyone’s travel style is different. 

Are you tired of doing the same cookie cutter experience no matter where you visit? Not at FROSCH. Each travel experience we create is tailored to your unique preferences and interests. We apply our knowledge and connections to find distinctive destinations that speak directly to you.


Your Travel Advisor can be a valuable asset in travel planning, even before you pick your destination. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway? Your Travel Advisor can recommend so many unique options that will ensure your relaxation, minus the crowds or screaming toddlers. Or maybe you have your heart set on a spiritual journey to Jerusalem? Your Travel Advisor might suggest rounding out your trip with a few days in Tel Aviv or Galilee. 



Inevitably, while on the road, something will go wrong. That’s where we come in!

Whether it’s using our direct lines to the airlines to avoid call wait times or mitigating problems when obstacles arise, your Travel Advisor is there to ensure you have the best experience possible and has your best interest at heart. 

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